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Sun-drenched Cyprus, home to Goddess of beauty and love…

The land of Aphrodite was born here, emerging of the waves in all her splendor - such an island is fatally connected to summer holidays…

This would of course mean


*the bluest of seas

*beaches of golden sand

• Sunbathing, relaxing, letting go, diving into crystal waters, but also the best of water sports and to top it all off, plenty of good food and all the night life you can get.

• Put it all together and stir and there’s only one destination you come up with-AYIA NAPA!

Famous for its heavenly coast and exciting night spots, Ayia Napa is without doubt, still the queen of the summer.

It is a tourist paradise in every sense of the place. Idyllic shores, magnificent sea, nights to dream of and hospitality to remember. In all this, it doesn’t relinquish a single bit of its tradition, perfectly in tune with its modern and cosmopolitan character.

The medieval monastery takes you down history lane, while taking the long downward road to the small picturesque harbour, the age-old Ayia Napa tree, inspires with its imposing presence.

A walk through the Cape Greco ecological park, leads one to the magical secret shore that so inspired the Greek nobelist poet Sepheris and the romance is complete at the sea caves of love.

A visitor’s heaven-great sandy shores, crystal blue seas, night life to remember and hospitality that goes the extra mile, Ayia Napa succeeds where other destinations fail-it safeguards the tradition that makes it unique and mingles in a harmony of a modern cosmopolitan nature, hard to find in commercial tourism.

A sea floor browse might seem impossible, but a visit to the ‘Thalassa’ municipal museum will change all that. Stroll around the area’s marine flora and fauna, along with a ride in history and the island’s centuries-old connection to the sea.


Ayia Napa’s geography:

At the southeastern most tip of the island, near Cape Greco and south of the Turkish-occupied city of Famagusta.

• 10 kilometers southwest of the Protaras coastal resort

• 40 km east of the coastal city of Larnaca

• 80 km southeast of capital Nicosia

• 105 km northwest of the coastal city of Limassol

• 150 km east of the Platres mountain resort

• 175 km northeast of the coastal city of Paphos

• και 210 km southeast of the coastal town of Polis and the Latsi resort.

Stamatia Hotel

Stamatia Hotel Stamatia Hotel is the top listed hotel in Ayia Napa provides all kind of luxury facilities on cheap prices.