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"Enjoy, dream, remember, relax, reconnect, taste, meet, get alive, and simply fall in love!"

Stamatia Hotel

Whichever way you see it ‘Stamatia’ is an ideal getaway for all. Families, friends but also surely enough, those who’d like to enjoy a quiet relaxing time on their own.

Absolutely perfect location, in one of the central most Ayia Napa spots, allowing for all kinds of vacationing needs and wants-at a short distance, the picturesque fishing boat harbor, with a host of restaurants and of course traditional tavernas.

It’s a 2 minute walking distance to the beach-but if you’re looking to shop or browse, the town’s central square is also at your fingertips, just a bit further in the other direction.

The kids can spend the afternoon away in the many amusement parks rides-and feel free to step back in time, if you want to join the fun!

The night life is beyond belief-a great choice of cafeterias, night clubs, discos and bars, depending on the mood of the evening...

We’re a family hotel, making you feel right at home, not too fancy with our décor and accommodation, but simple, practical and effective in our service-everything to allow you the comfort to recover from the daily routine and really recharge...

You’re sure to experience the hospitality and practicalities that you need in our 111 fully refurbished rooms, equipped and designed to cater for your holidaying needs.

Our staff is committed to quality, without cutbacks, in providing you with a high level of services, making it a memorable stay.


Stamatia Hotel

Stamatia Hotel Stamatia Hotel is the top listed hotel in Ayia Napa provides all kind of luxury facilities on cheap prices.